Who we are

Our team works in communities, both large and small, to engage,
and bring people together. We listen to their voices, hear their concerns and help
them to find solutions.

Green Initiatives

Our team works with select populations to focus on greening
initiatives in their communities. We engage youth as part of the process of
building community gardens, encouraging healthy eating, exercise, and helping
communities to be more sustainable.

Art Initiatives

Our team uses Art as a tool to engage youth and to inspire them to
use art to address community concerns and create an identity of your community.

The Friday Coffee Specialty

One thing we love is coffee. We also enjoy good company and
engaging conversations. Whether you have a great idea, a community concern
or just want to talk to someone, please join us on Fridays for coffee, no agenda
just good folks and good coffee! Join us starting on September 20th and every Friday thereafter from 8:00-10:00am!


You can email us, direct message us on our Facebook page, or stop by a Friday morning coffee.